Auckland War Memorial Museum


Standing on the hill known as Pukekawa since 1929, the Auckland War Memorial Museum is a must-visit. Erected in remembrance of the war dead and considered today as one of New Zealand’s finest heritage buildings, the Museum also holds one of the country’s top three heritage libraries along with pre-eminent Māori and Pacific collections, significant natural history resources and major social and military history collections, as well as decorative arts and pictorial collections.

Today, the Museum is also home to an old visitor – a very, very old visitor! Peter the T. rex will be in residence until late 2023, and is a stunning display of one of the rarest and most complete T. rex skeletons in the world. This is an ultra rare sight to behold, as only four black T. rex skeletons have ever been found.

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What you can expect

  • Don’t forget to say hi to Peter the T.rex!
  • Take your time – there’s lots to see here.

Where it is