Auckland Zoo

Originally opening in 1922, Auckland Zoo today is a not for profit and wildlife conservation organisation dedicated to building a future for wildlife, with everything at the Zoo directly contributing to conservation efforts. Home to 135 species and over 1,400 animals, there’s plenty to see and do for the whole family every day (except Christmas). A standout feature is the South East Asia Jungle Track, a $62m renewals programme being funded through Auckland Council’s long-term plan. Along with the lake and wetlands, this track across one-fifth of the Zoo, features a lowlands habitat for tigers and otters, high canopy primate habitat for orangutans and siamangs, and a swamp forest habitat for Sunda gharial (crocodile) and South East Asian fish species.

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What you can expect

  • The Zoo is now home to two young Sumatran tigers!
  • For an advance look, check out the animals through the live webcams on the Zoo’s website.
  • Take a tour of the Vet Hospital to see procedures unfold.

Where it is