Immerse yourself in a revolutionary free-roam virtual reality gaming experience at Zero Latency. Don your VR headset and goggles, arm yourself with a controller and strap in as you’re transported to other worlds.

There are 8 different games to choose from – ranging from 15 to 30 minutes – and with crystal clear vision and audio via your headsets, you can interact with your surroundings and up to seven other players as you battle zombies, fight killer robots or navigate your way through underground caverns. In reality, you’re walking around a 200m2 gaming arena, but your brain makes you believe otherwise and it’s incredibly convincing!

Zero Latency are the global leader in free-roam virtual reality technology with over 70 sites across the world. You’ll enjoy free movement with no cables to restrict your range of motion as you complete your missions. 

What you can expect

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  • Free-roam virtual reality experiences
  • No cables
  • 20 x 10m arena
  • Ages 10+
  • 1-8 players
  • Located just 50 metres down the road from LyLo!


Where it is