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Say hi,
to LyLo.

The new way to stay

You know that feeling when everything hits just right? The euphoria of snagging the seat next to your bestie on a full bus. The deep sleep after an epic night out. The calm that comes from finding your home-away-from-home. These are just a few of the highs of traveling, and you’ll find the rest at LyLo. Say hello to your new favourite place to stay. Let’s show you around.

Stay happy the whole time

Fuss-free check in
On-site drinks & eats
WiFi that won’t drop out
Peace & privacy
Eco-conscious & sustainable
Fully equipped workspaces
Self-contained pods
Ensuite rooms
Space to play

Catch us on your next adventure

Stay from
NZ$65 /night

Settle in or stretch out and explore the urban jungle.

Stay from
NZ$49 /night

Touching down or taking off in easy comfort.

Stay from
NZ$70 /night

Set foot into a postcard at LyLo Queenstown’s central abode.

Stay from
AU$62 /night

LyLo Brisbane will be your new favourite place to stay.

Say hi to the best of both

Work Hard

Work where you are in any one of our kitted out co-working spaces. It’s a digital nomad’s dream, at no extra cost.


Play Hard

Nothing beats the friends you make along the way. Meet up with your newest mates at Miss Lucy’s to eat, drink and be merry together.


Sleep Better

Get horizontal on a mattress made for the best sleep of your travels. Whether you choose pods, privates, or an ensuite room, security and snugness is guaranteed – and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get it!