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Stay on the Bright Side

LyLo ain’t no ordinary place to stay. So why should our walls be anything but brilliant? To stand out from the crowd, we tapped into our network of bright, local artists to colour your stay with cheeky nods to native flora and fauna.


Your state-of-the-art stay just got even better. We asked talented Auckland artist Flox to splash stunning artwork onto our entryway, and she delivered with a mural welcoming the Korimako back to Auckland. And the iconic Miss Lolo designed custom wallpaper features to complete the look.

Check Out The Work


We wanted an off-the-wall welcome for our Christchurch digs, and Flox brought the bold. Fluttering at the entryway, our Kākāriki Wall tells the extraordinary comeback story of our featured friends. Plus, spot the Miss Lolo wallpaper brightening up our Pod Rooms.

Dive Into the Mural


We asked Flox to style your sanctuary with nods to New Zealand’s favourite natural playground. She made her mark with a mural of blooming alpine flowers and a mischievous native Kea. Be on the lookout for original Miss Lolo wallpaper that adds extra colour to LyLo Queenstown.

Experience the Colour


A stylised Brisbane River forever flows across our own little slice of the city, thanks to talented young indigenous designers and painted by local artist Jordache Gage. Streaming across our front and sides, this mural makes us the brightest new landmark in the Valley, while Miss LoLo prints pack the punch on the inside.

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