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Stay on the Bright Side

LyLo ain’t no ordinary place to stay. So why should our walls be anything but brilliant? To stand out from the crowd, we tapped into our network of bright, local artists to colour your stay with cheeky nods to native flora and fauna.

Say hi to local characters, smack in the middle of Queenstown

Cheeky is an understatement… if you’ve ever encountered a Kea, you’ll know these wildly intelligent parrots will keep you on your toes. With spray paint and stencils, the talented Flox has created a scene at Queenstown LyLo’s reception. Soaring over Mountain Daisies and Buttercups, our resident Kea is a daily reminder to spread your wings, exploring and adapting as you go.
In another artistic act, wallpaper diva Miss Lolo has given our Female Pod Rooms a pick-me-up… Cause if you couldn’t tell, colouring outside the lines is kinda our thing.

About the artists


What happens when fine art meets stencils, aerosol and an affinity for New Zealand taonga? Flox’s mural magic, that’s what. Putting her stamp on the country’s inner cityscapes since 2003, Flox has transformed countless grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world. How lucky are we to have her works across all New Zealand LyLo locations?

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Miss Lolo

With a promise of ‘no more beige’, celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding escaped the epidemic of dull design in 2013. From her rage against beige emerged the explosion of colour we now know as Miss Lolo – fabrics and wallpapers that add a sense of aesthetic adventure to like-minded places, like LyLos throughout New Zealand.

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