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Stay on the Bright Side

LyLo ain’t no ordinary place to stay. So why should our walls be anything but brilliant? To stand out from the crowd, we tapped into our network of bright, local artists to colour your stay with cheeky nods to native flora and fauna.

Say hi to the splashiest landmark in the Valley

Because Brisbane just wasn’t bright enough. We wanted our building to not only stand out in the crowd of bricks, but to represent the region’s very essence… so we called on an unexpected duo to keep things natural.
First, a talented team of young creatives at IndigeDesignLabs designed decals to symbolise all different journeys down the Brisbane River, and the flora and fauna that travellers encounter along the way. Then, Jordache Gage hand-painted their vision right here on LyLo – now the brightest landmark in Fortitude Valley. Talk about loud and proud.

About the artists


Creating unique, real-world opportunities for First Nations young people in Far North Queensland, IndigeDesignLabs activates creativity in digital design. And the result is immersive storytelling in natural and man-made environments, like our very own LyLo Brisbane.

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Jordache Gage

With more than a decade of experience painting in public realms, Jordache reimagines the environment through abstract surrealist art, often in mural scale. Through play and mark making, he works with concepts of nature, migration, transition and human connection – all on display here at LyLo Brisbane.
Through a process of play and mark making his current studio practice draws on the child’s lens to reimagine common themes such as the mundane, environment and nature, migration and transition, as well as human connection with his work often taking on figurative forms.

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Miss Lolo

With a promise of ‘no more beige’, celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding escaped the epidemic of dull design in 2013. From her rage against beige emerged the explosion of colour we now know as Miss Lolo – fabrics and wallpapers that add a sense of aesthetic adventure to like-minded places, like LyLos throughout New Zealand.

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